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Reactive is a little tech demo for Playdate. It reacts to audio via the Playdate microphone and the visuals change and pulse. 

You can configure various settings and invert the display.

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Buy Now$4.50 USD or more

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Hi! Just bought, downloaded, extracted, and dragged and dropped into my Playdate SDK games folder (running the windows version on my Steam Deck), but the game doesn't launch. It shows the title card and lets me click it but then it just takes me back to the home screen :(

How do you mean running the Windows version on your Steam Deck, does it run on your Playdate? Are you trying to run it via the emulator on a Steam Deck? Needless to say that’s not something I’ve tried!

Sorry, my situation is a tad unique as I don’t own a play date but I love the games so I’m running the Windows SDK through Steam with their proton compatibility tool in my deck’s game mode. So my other play date games launch fine but this game doesn’t despite being that “main.pdz” format.

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after update to 3.0 its working perfect really nice i like it. All your  apps very fun thanks.

Does it refuse to run at all, you don’t see any 3D shapes?

Aah I’ve got an idea, I suspect you’ve got the newer hardware with a different chipset inside that Panic switched to to get around supply chain issues. I’ll release a recompiled version tomorrow that should work on all hardware variants.

Actually, should be available now - v3.0.0. Let me know if it works.

thanks i will

works perfect thanks

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